Meet the animals of the fiddlin' farmstead

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male suri alpaca

Merle was one of the original 3 that started our farm adventure. He's the oldest here, and with that the wisest, of course! He has a gentle disposition, yet keeps everyone in line here. 


male suri alpaca

Willie was another one of the original 3. He is a beautiful pinto suri alpaca with an absolutely unbeatable personality! He was the first to settle in and make friends with the humans here. He also has a deep passion for pools, and wont hesitate to climb into the human's pool on hot summer days. 


male suri alpaca

Waylon is the last of the original 3. His name fits him well, as he was one rebellious wild boy when he arrived. He even gave the vet a ride for his money! Although he still doesn't like being caught and handled, he has come a long way and seems to be quite the peace keeper when the other boys try to challenge Merle.


male huacaya alpaca

Oh Poncho, what can I say......he was the absolute friendliest alpaca we had ever met! He's since decided he should be the boss of the herd, and can be quite the trouble maker and instigator around here. He is VERY eager to meet ladies for breeding and makes a wonderful stud with his amazing fiber qualities and conformation.


male huacaya alpaca

Sweet Lefty....he came here with Poncho, and quickly became the sweetest of them all. He loves coming up for treats, tolerates petting more so than you'd expect, and enjoys sneaking a nibble or two on your pants or shoes. When it comes to leading or handling, he enjoys laying down and refusing to move. He also has great fiber, and although a bit less eager than Poncho, he makes for a great stud with amazing temperament. He's definitely a romantic one when it comes to meeting the ladies.


F1 Valais Blacknose wether

Grover here, we didn't plan on him, but in a spur of the moment decision we decided to bring him in with the ewes. I'm so happy we did! He's such a joy, like a giant puppy with huge horns. He enjoys bossing the dogs around, LOVES chin scratches, and just wants to be near his humans.
(50% Valais x 50% Scottish Blackface)


f3 valais blacknose ewe

Sweet darling Emmy-Lou! I watched her grow through pictures, along with her friend Patsy, before they arrived here on our farm. The wait to meet them was incredibly hard. Emmy-Lou was such a sweetheart from the beginning. She loves to follow us around and be pet. She's gentle, friendly, and so beautiful!
(88% Valais x 12% Scottish Blackface)


f3 Valais blacknose ewe

Patsy here came to us with Ms. Emmy Lou. Patsy is also an F3 Valais, but referred to as a Spitti. It is a very rare genetic occurrence that reverses/distorts the coloring, and is considered a sign of good luck in their native land of Switzerland. She's still working on trust, but is coming along quite nicely! Spitti's are just as likely to produce perfectly marked offspring as your typical Valais would. She is lucky to be the only Spitti Valais in Minnesota! And that black face is so fun to see!  

Dolly and Hank

dogs of the farmstead

The farmstead wouldn't be complete without these two companions! Dolly is 3/4 Great Pyrenese x 1/4 Rough Collie, and Hank is a smooth Collie. They compliment each other in some of the best and worst ways. They do a wonderful job keeping our animals safe while they're out patrolling, and keep us on our toes when they come inside! We sure adore them!