Welcome to the Farm!

We are a small, diverse hobby farm located in central Minnesota. At The Fiddlin' Farmstead, our goal is to operate sustainably, providing a wonderful habitat for not only our critters, but for all of nature and it's inhabitants.


Our Story

Our journey began the fall of 2016. We had dreamed of having a little farm to call our own and to raise our children on. After visiting many places on the market, we stumbled upon our dream place. Quite honestly, the 12 apple trees and crowing rooster were definitely the nail in the coffin! I had never had fruit trees before, nor had I heard, in person, that beautiful "cockadoodledoo".

So we moved in and our journey began. I fell in love with Permaculture, and spent many hours planning the perfect little sustainable Farmstead. We carefully selected animals that were not only easy on the land, but ones that provided for the land, and provided us with goods to learn valuable skills, and create products that are environmental friendly.

We started with chickens and ducks. The livestock was a tough one, because I wanted them all, of course! We settled on Alpacas, because they were the easiest on the land, provided garden GOLD, and beautiful fiber to learn to process. Also, the cuteness was definitely a factor! How could you NOT love those faces!

After a couple years of getting to know the Alpacas, and getting more experienced in the world of livestock husbandry, we decided to add a couple of dairy goats! (Long but hilarious story there!) We've greatly enjoyed learning to milk them, and making luscious soap! They are quite the characters.

We have built a beautiful garden with the most amazing soil! I mostly focus on heirloom varieties of tomatoes and peppers, but also grow a large amount of pickling cucumbers, gourds, and little bits of everything else. Cut flower beds are next on my list. The garden is my happy place, and one of my favorite jobs here on the farmstead.

We also started a basketry willow patch, which was the very first addition we made to the landscape here. It's a lovely little patch that attracts beautiful Warblers all summer, and provides an abundance of rods for weaving in the early spring.

In the summer of 2021, we began our journey with the Valais Blacknose Sheep Breed-Up Program! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of this program and are absolutely in love with these beautiful creatures!

The possibilities, even on a small amount of land, are never ending when diversity and sustainability are what you strive to achieve.


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